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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ice, Ice baby

The Ice Storm of 2013. It was predicted days in advance, a warm front pushing north with moisture and a cold front pushing down from the frigid Canadian provinces. I literally watched as weathermen got woodies talking about this one. It started on the weekend before Christmas and didn't end for us until Christmas Eve morning. Power went out for thousands of folks just north of us, and for most it didn't come back until later in the week. Imagine spending Christmas with no twinkling lights or heat?

We lucked out - for us we ended up with just enough ice to be miserable but it was too beautiful to be angry about. And we didn't lose power. The impacted areas easily received double the amount that you see below.

The ice had formed in the cup of a leaf (still on the tree). When peeled back, there was a leafcicle. 

No trees were harmed in the taking of this photograph


The deer weren't afraid to venture out to find something to eat


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