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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snowshoeing the Gorham Golf Course

34 degrees and low winds = sliding for the boys and snowshoeing for mom and Rollins. A hat, vest and jeans were all I need to work up a sweat and have an enjoyable trip. Rollins was in heaven to openly romp through his new found love - snow and doubled my trip with his running ahead and then behind me. We walked 1.3 miles total, down around the ponds and along the fairway that runs parallel to McLellan Road then doubled back. This also allowed an opportunity for the pre-teen boys to be trusted alone sliding while I could still stalk and watch them from afar. ;)

Rollins thinks this walkie stuff in the snow is awesome!

The boys contemplate their next run down the hill

It's not a fun run unless they bump over the jumps

Very worried about all those kids screaming and playing without him ;)

My semi-straight line vs the abstract ones of Rollins

Wait, you're getting in too - right? 
Paranoid that I will leave him in the truck and take the walk again - without him :)


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