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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sandpit Snow Buntings

Snow Buntings are a treat to stumble across no matter where you are. I'm a lucky girl when it comes to spotting a flock, but then again, I have really good ears too. :)

So, walking back from the power lines with Rollins I heard that tell tale sound of Buntings in flight and stopped dead in my tracks. I pulled back my hat to listen closer and whipped out my camera. I looked to the sky and there they were - a flock of 30+ flying overhead tweeding and tweerdling along - and then I lost sight of them. Rollins and I scrambled up the banking to the sand pit and I stood there scanning the distance (without my glasses, thank you) for any movement that would show where the elusive feathered friends could be. 

There it was, on top of a loan pile. Just enough movement to catch my eye....... 

So cute, sunning themselves up in a nice quiet spot

Until I got spotted
But hiding in the brush of the next dirtpile over....

Looking right at home they were!  

Oh crap, busted. We're outta here.


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