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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Big Fluffy Dog Rescue - Bringing Rollins home

So - after bringing everyone down with Samantha's story, let's see if I can lighten things back up.

We made it through the weeks after losing Sam pretty well - I was a mess but the Monkey handled it like a trooper. He started to get nervous about not having that security of a dog in the house, and I felt it too. I was waking up in the middle of the night waiting to hear some noise that wasn't there. Sam used to jump at everything and I would hear her, wait for it - then fall back asleep. I missed that, and the click-clack of toenails on the hardwood floor.

I found myself looking on Petfinder.com and was immediately drawn to a dog showing as a rescue under Big Fluffy Dog Rescue  named Rollins. He was claimed to be a cross between an Anatolian Shepard and a Yellow Lab. I did some research and found that the Anatolian breed is a guardian dog in Turkey that can be aggressive if needed but tend to just make sure all is safe more than anything else. They can tend to be a little too aggressive and need a strong owner.

Hey - that's me!

The bonus, he was being fostered right here in Maine. Imagine that fate. We went and met him through his Foster mom and although a little skittish with us at first, it was love at sight. We brought the Bubster with us for an external opinion and all three of us agreed that we needed to bring him home.

His story is that he was picked up by animal control in Kentucky, shipped to Tennessee and then up to Maine for fostering. His birthday is October 11, 2011 so he's just over a year old. He's good with cats (thank goodness) and loves to walk - could care less about other people or dogs when we aren't home - but look out just walking into our house without a proper introduction. We feel safe now!

He's a total love, we really got lucky considering we don't know his story. He's found his forever home with us, we are totally keeping him. This is the type of dog that I can take snowshoeing and hiking alone and not be afraid of who or what I might meet on the trail!

Shoutout goes to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. They are quick and willing to help you find the perfect pet. I corresponded with them for a week prior to choosing to meet Rollins because there were other potential dogs (specifically Pyrenees) that we were interested in as well. They thought Rollins was the perfect fit - and they were right! Find them at http://bigfluffydogs.com/ or on their Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Facebook page .

Our first meeting, he was shy at first. Perhaps on his best behavior? ;)

Didn't take him long to snuggle in with the boys on the ride home!

Immediately taking his place on the big frumpy chair! ♥

Dog & Boy - quickly becoming best buds

Our first beach walk

He figured out how to play soccer quick, that's a plus in this house!

Obviously not ready to let him roam free, he loves to run!

Happy dog!

Lookout! I'm coming to a blog near you!


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