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Friday, January 11, 2013

Mt. Agamenticus - York, Maine

While in York, I decided to stop in at a place I've been dying to check out for some time now but have never been just 'in the area'. Mt. Agamenticus is the highest point in Southern Maine and was actually a place to downhill ski at one time. It has many walking trails that lead up to the summit, but you can also drive there which made it nice to check out the view! Ok, we cheated and I know it but I WILL be making the trip to hike it this summer. You can visit their site for more information located here: http://www.agamenticus.org/ and their trail map can be found at this link as well as on their site: http://www.agamenticus.org/pdfs/trailmap.pdf

From the summit, overlooking Sanford and the White Mountains in the far distance

Overlooking more towards the Portland area

Overlooking the York area, with the watertower and Boon Island Light to the left

Boon Island Lighthouse way off in the distance, keeping mariners safe!

Old Ski Tower & grooming equipment

Overlooking Kennebunkport

Looking towards the west / New Hampshire area

Yeah - we're going back.


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