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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ferry Beach State Park - a trip to the beach

Maine's 2011 summer was a hot and humid one - almost unbearable. At least by a Mainah's standards. I spent alot of time at the beach - with or without his majesty. I learned how to haul all my stuff and set it up with my head held high and no child in tow and let me tell you, I enjoyed every minute of it.

One beach that I was aware of but had never visited was Ferry Beach in Saco. Just south of Old Orchard beach - it's big brother - this quiet span of sand provides great views from a short expanse of beach in a well maintained and monitored State park. In comparison to Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth, the people here were kind and considerate and not pushy and rude. I had found a diamond in the rough.

The walk to the beach is a bit of a hike down a walking path of composite board that traverses under the main road and through a scrub pine span until you hit the tall dune grass and the beach. Here you can go right or left to find your space. There is a lifeguard station that has been manned every time I went and the park limits are well marked.

The funky part of this beach is that at high tide, there isn't much room for squatting, but at low tide the space is amazing. Also at low tide, the bay becomes so shallow that you can walk out for a long ways before it gets deep enough to become too cold. I stand at 5'6" and for the most part, it's at my knees and then thighs. Therefore, it's a great place to bring the kids! When high tide comes, the waves become good rollers by the time they get to shore and make for perfect boogie-boarding. Kinda makes up for the lack of beach space.

I was thrilled the first time I went to see the park rangers patrol the beach as well as the life guards, looking for naughty potty-mouths, drinkers and smokers or any other unfit behavior and they are not afraid to march them right off the park grounds. Love it. LOVE IT.

Of course there is a fee to get in, but it's worth it. There are walking trails, a picnic area, a shower and restrooms. And life guards. And beach patrol. And I love my park pass. And I will go back.

Overlooking the Old Orchard Beach area. You can see the two-toned water, the lighter green is shallow - yes, it goes out that far!

No - this isn't for the bikini clad girl, see grampa way out in the distance? He was just about my height, look how far out he is!

Saco's Ram Island Lighthouse (Portland has one too!)

The beach at low tide - again, look at that water color!

Overlooking Camp Ellis

Oh yes, and you get bothered by an occasional advertisign plane, but it's not so bad

Park Ranger! Hide your beer and cigarettes!

Right now, I wish I was there on the beach. :)


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