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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A quick trip to Crescent Beach

Thursday the weather was supposed to be partly cloudy and in the 70's. We had originally chosen this day to pick up my mother and travel up to Popham but it was scrapped due to our need to be at the Buxton All Stars tournament to help out. Thank goodness, because the partly cloudy ended up as mostly cloudy - as we found out after arriving at Crescent beach.

Neither the Monkey nor I cared much, the sound of the surf, the feel of the sand and just not having anything to do made it all worth while. It was a fabulous couple of hours, and knowing it was on my State Park Pass made the sting of paying to get in a little easier. :)

Monkey appears to be digging for gold

This baby was in heaven with the waves playing on it's toes

This little guy was adorable, playing in the surf

Umm, partly or mostly cloudy? I needed a long sleeved shirt

Monkey didn't care, jumping in with both feet

Sand flea

Bury me mom! Please!?

My favorite shot - the walkway.

Stamping his 'Crescent Beach' park pass book!


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