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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A walk through the back '40

Ok, so I don't own 40 acres. I do have just under 2 though, with plenty of roaming space right behind the house. It's a nice pine-oak-beech foresty area with enough oak and beech to keep the pine needles down, allowing plenty of fern and flora to grow in the summer. The oaks also make a great attractant for any animal that appreciates a good feast of acorns in the middle of winter, so it's not uncommon to see or find clues that deer have visited the yard in search of a quick snack. Red fox, porcupine, weasels, turkeys, squirrels and the old black and white tom cat frequent our woods as well. I love my back '40.

Today, I took a walk - this is what I found.

Deer tracks

This Female Downy was so intently looking for a meal she didn't even see me

Red Fox tracks and evidence that she was the one who dug up the pumpkin we tossed out there last fall

This looks like Grand Central Station!

Oh, she finally saw me

All deer tracks

Hard to see, but this is the Tom cat's print

Deer track

Monkey track

Squirrel crossing

Crow tracks

Looking for food

And that's the poop. The end.


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