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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A quick trip up Jockey Cap, Fryeburg

Monkey was picked up by his father around 10:00 this morning and I was ready and raring to go. Destination? Jockey Cap off 302 in Fryeburg. It sounds bad - like jock itch - but it's a really quick, easy hike that provides fantastic views. It's a 200 ft perpendicular rise above the valley, based on my AMC Maine Mountain Guide. It also has some cool history about it.

"At the top, there is a wonderful bronze profile of the surrounding summits, a monument to Robert E. Peary, who lived in Fryeburg in 1878-1979. The profile affords a grat way to identify neighboring mountains, including Mt. Washington."

Thank you AMC Maine Mountain Guide.

The guide also states that half way through the hike (which in all takes about 15 minutes) you will reach "Molly Lockett's cave, named for the last of the Peqawket Indians; she is said to have used it for a shelter".

The trip to Fryeburg from my place takes about 30 minutes, and today was no different than any other time. The sky was full of blue and big fluffy clouds when I started my ascent to the top, a little breezy but nothing too major. I passed two people coming down the trail and could hear many more already on the summit. I picked my way around rocks and trees, following the cleary marked trail and **poof**! There I was at the top. The views were spectacular, as if I had been hiking all morning. I'll just let the pictures do the talking!

Look for this sign, that's the place. Parking is located to the far left of the store, past the motel.

The Trailhead

Looking back on the parking area and the store across the street. Remember that store....

See it looming in the treetops? Yeah, that's the summit. It kind of reminds me of Bradbury Mountain.

Some guy rappelling up the sheer face. No thank you.

Big bad boulders near the entrance to Molly Locketts Cave. Which, by the way, I neglected to snap a picture of.

A nicely packed, well marked trail. Stay on it, there are lots of side trails that aren't marked.

Woodpeckers are obviously around

Ahh, the summit. What a gorgeous view!

Lovewell Pond

Ahhh, how cool is that? I've climbed Speckled, Evans Notch and the Royce mountains (on the right)

Mom! Don't look! Yeah, it's quite the dropoff. I didn't go near the edge.

Hey look! There's that store I told you to remember!

People enjoying the view. I must admit, it was a pretty busy place while I was there. Well worth it if you can ignore the ignorance. This was a perfect part of another de-stress day. I'll have to come back with the Monkey, he'll love it here!


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