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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leaf peepin' our way to Jockey Cap, Fryeburg

Monkey started his Wednesday with a full fledged head cold to include a cough, sore throat and a mild fever. My favorite part - which is evil - was the fact that he sounded like a woman on a 1-888 line for a few days.

Saturday morning took a gracious turn to the good, with fantastic timing since the sun came out and the prediction was for the temp to hit the 80's. Knowing that we have soccer coming up strong over the next few weekends, I decided that albeit early we were going 'peeping'.

For my non-locals, peeping consists of getting in the car and doing the Wheel of Fortune about how Mother Nature paints the trees overnight. The leaves are already changing from deep greens to orange, yellow and red with some purple in between. We ooh'd and ahhh'd our way to Fryeburg where we stopped at Jockey Cap for a broader view. I have to admit, it wasn't as stunning as I had hoped but beautiful nonetheless. Considering our next opportunity to do this won't be until mid-October, I think the timing was perfect.

Monkey in a cave!

These planes did a tight formation fly-by twice, until we got on top. We didn't see them again.

Sharp-Shinned hawks coasting in the windshear

Of course he had to climb on top

You can barely make out the hints of color in the mountains

Monkey points out Lovewell Pond

Oooh, a geek sighting!

Monkey was fascinated with the statue

"Take one for Grammie" he said...

I swore that was snow.

Get out the goggles folks - that's a blue-headed Vireo right there!

And barely visable, there's a Black-throated green warbler

See that impish face? He's watching some college aged kids rock climbing and thinking that he might wanna try too. I think not, little one. I got him out of there..... quick.


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