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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Escaping the heat: Duck Pond, Buxton ME

80 something degrees at 6:00 at night. The Monkey begs me to do something, I'm still not feeling well but we leave the house to escape the heat. This is the first part of our journey.

A little gem of a waterway, I stumbled across Duck Pond by accident in a hurry to the Town Farm soccer fields last fall. It's a small pond whose only exit is forced through a small culvert that crosses the road. You would never know it to stand on the culvert edge of the roadway, the water is very still, calm and serene. I believe this will become a new birding stop for me this fall to see what ducks accumulate here.

It sure was beautiful tonight.

Pickerel weed standing tall in the shallows

It was such a beautifully odd haze on the small pond

Yellow waterlillies embrace the surface

A dragonfly stopped in flight, searching for a meal

A cedar waxwing stops for a breather - man it was hot!

Monkey tempts fate

There's a fish in there - see it?

Can you believe it? Leaves turning color. Already. August? Is it August?


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