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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Walkin' the line. The power lines, that is.....

It hit around 45 degrees here today, absolutely gorgeous. The snow is melting into mud puddles and making sliding difficult for the monkey and his buddies who come to ransack my yard and scare the birds away. Just before noontime we bundled up, although not needed at all, and headed to the powerlines.

If you leave my drive, take a left, cross over Rt 112 onto Webster there is a major powerline less than a mile away. In the spring it is typically muddy and swampy, in the summer hot and soupy, in the fall peppered with winterberries and hunters and in the winter part of the ITS 89. For any non-Mainers, ITS is the Interconnected Trail System used by snowmobilers who travel across the state. 89 will take you north to Eustis and south to Lebanon and beyond on both ends. There is the groomed trail that most snowmobilers stick to, then there are spurs created by those who can't follow the rules. When we walk the 'lines, we stick to the spurs because most people won't follow the abstract trails that look like they're headed for the willy-wags. We also keep a ear out for the high-pitched whine of the machines tearing up the trails. No sense getting run over foon such a beautiful !

I was hoping to find some birds but only saw 6 Chickadees. I heard odd noises here and there, but it could have been my son's stomach (it was close to lunchtime). The berries have been stripped from the trees with only a few fermented left behind for February feathered friend parties. The deer have been criss-crossing the trails like crazy and I didn't see one coyote track. Since there aren't any other real tall tales to tell, I'll do a pictorial of our trip instead. To be honest, I think the photographs tell more than I could anway.

What was left of the winterberries

Taking a break

Swamp deer tracks

A slideshow of the rest of the pictures, trying to save blog space!  Click the arrow to start.
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